Candlestick Inventory

Item: Gold Bamboo Candlestick

Dimensions: 12"

Rental Price: $5 (includes white candlestick)

Item: Glass Candle Chimey + glass base

Dimensions: 15", 17" and 19"

Rental Price: $5 Each

Item: Vintage Floral Candlesticks

 Dimensions: 10"

Rental Price: $5 Each (includes White Taper Candle)

Item: Gold lamp Lantern

Rental Price: $5 Each (includes Votive)

Item: Wicker Lantern

Dimensions: 13"

Rental Price: $5

Item: clear candlestick

Rental Price: $2

Includes White Taper candle

Item: Palm Leaf Candlestick

Dimensions: 10" H x 5" Dia

Rental Price: $5

Material: Ceramic

Includes White Taper

Item: Vintage Cobalt lue Candlestick

Dimensions: Various Sizes

Rental Price: $3

Includes White Taper

Item: Floating Candlesticks

Dimensions: 15" to 20"

Rental Price: $3

Includes floating votive