Beverage Service Inventory

Item: Large Rattan Beverage Bucket

Dimensions: 22" W x 12" H

Rental Price: $25

Item: Party Barge Cooler

Size: 44" long

3 individually insulated compartments for variety of display.
* Complete bar station with condiment trays and using a compartment as a large ice bucket.

Rental Price: $40

Item: Rattan Drink Dispenser

Material: Glass

Holds 2 gallons

 Rental Price: $15

Item: Large French Blue and Yellow Beverage bUcket

Material: Porcelain

Holds 5 - 6 bottles

 Rental Price: $20

Item: Small Rattan Beverage Bucket

 Dimensions: 14" x 9"

Holds 4-5 bottles

Rental Price: $15

Item: Chinoiserie Beverage Tub

Holds 3-4 Bottles

Rental Price: $20

Item: Large Galvanized Beverage Tub

Dimensions: 32"

Rental Price: $15